• Restorative Dentistry

  • Restorative dentistry centers around bringing the mouth back to full functionality. Even if the proper preventive measures have been taken it is possible that restoration still may need to take place. Unavoidable causes, like accidents and genetics, may put a patient at a higher risk of needing restorative procedures at some time in his or her life.

    For Drs. Soni and Skowronski to best treat their patients it is important to know what may be causing the issue at hand. They uses an all-encompassing approach to determine what may be going on. When a patient comes in Drs. Soni and Skowronski never sees just teeth - they sees the whole person. The patient’s upbringing, experiences, and life choices have all lead up to where his or her teeth are today. Drs. Soni and Skowronski takes all of this into consideration when treating their patients.

    Once Drs. Soni and Skowronski has an understanding of the situation they aims to educate their patients on the potential risk factors and benefits of the disease process and treatments. This in turn will help them make the most educated decisions possible.

    Drs. Soni and Skowronski takes extra care to identify the root of the problem and educate their patients so they may make the decisions that are best for them. She has implemented a variety of treatments including bone augmentation, gingival recontouring, and even occlusal therapy instead of mouth guards.

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